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Join us for Coffee - 5th October

Coffee Time with the Students!
Date: 5 October 2019. Menu: Hot desserts & puddings.
Time: 10:00am. Cost: R140.00 per person (Incl VAT).
Bookings: e-mail:

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Join us for Coffee - 7 September

The occasion kicks off with a glass of Klein Zalze bubbles and includes a Terbodore coffee. DATE: 7 September. ON OFFER: Pastry products. TIME: 10:00am. COST: R140.00 per person (Incl VAT). To join Chef Jackie and her students booking is essential. Bookings: e-mail:

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JOIN US FOR COFFEE - 17th August 2019

Each coffee-time will include different items that the students have made with their own unique touch. These will have a theme to their practical assessment. So, as they learn you taste. The occasion kicks off with a glass of Klein Zalze bubbles and includes a Terbodore coffee.

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The Wedding of Jackie Cameron & Ben Wessels

I couldn’t be prouder to be sharing this with all of you. For marrying the love of my life, Ben Wessels. Having my bestest sister by my side: Sheldeen Cameron and great friend: Nardia Adams.  Walking down the aisle with my father: John Cameron and having him giving me away. Having my mother Mauveen Cameron helping me dress. To having the many little surprises that Rainer and Gabi Kirschke presented to us throughout the day.

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Howick Hospice Recipe Book Celebrates the KZN Midlands

Months back I was privileged to be asked for advice and guidance around the development of the Howick Hospice recipe book. It was an effortless task because I have been in the Midlands for many years and my excitement grew when I discovered all that was available on our doorstep. An in-depth understanding and appreciation of our beautiful surroundings are woven into the pages. Every recipe is a gem!

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Get your copy of FEAST The Midlands Recipe Book

The Howick Hospice recipe book, FEAST The Midlands, offers a meander through the KZN Midlands' culinary talent - a compilation to embody the community it serves.

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