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The Wedding of Jackie Cameron & Ben Wessels

I couldn’t be prouder to be sharing this with all of you. For marrying the love of my life, Ben Wessels. Having my bestest sister by my side: Sheldeen Cameron and great friend: Nardia Adams.  Walking down the aisle with my father: John Cameron and having him giving me away. Having my mother Mauveen Cameron helping me dress. To having the many little surprises that Rainer and Gabi Kirschke presented to us throughout the day.

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Gourmand Awards: Third Place in The World

Imagine achieving third place in the world. Well, with help and encouragement from many enthusiastic folk, the Gourmand Awards jury judged Baking with Jackie Cameron (Struik Lifestyle, an imprint of Penguin Random House South Africa), the best pastry/baking cookbook in the world. And that was in a competition considered the Oscars of the food industry. I’m sure you will understand that I am thrilled beyond words.

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