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Introducing Maganizo Penti - Class of 2019

“Gordon Ramsey is my favourite chef. I started hearing about him a long time ago. I thought he was a football coach at first, but then I learnt more about him and he became my favourite.” - Maganizo Penti

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Day Time Restaurant - Culinary School Outlet Br.unches

● EAT - A three course Br.unch: Seasonal, Menu changes every month, with options at each course and all dietaries catered for

● EXPERIENCE - Silver service and a new-age approach to all day Br.unch with style and stunning view over Worlds View

● EDUCATE - Sustainable suppliers, local produce and ‘Bring a Chef into your kitchen’ with the Culinary Outlet

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Hard Work Sets 15-Year-Old Dream in Motion

Jackie Cameron School of Food and Wine. Hard work sets 15-year-old dream in motion. Jackie Cameron realised her dream to tutor aspiring chefs when her school of food and wine - based in Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal - welcomed its first intake in April of 2015.

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Jackie Cameron Showcases Intaba Ridge

"We are extremely proud to have hosted the Jackie Cameron School of Food and Wine at lntaba Ridge. The event was held to celebrate the completion of our showhouse and to showcase our magnificent estate - with some equally magnificent food and wine." - Intaba Ridge Magazine

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Introducing Tahila Pillay - Class of 2019

“When I walked into the front doors of Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine. It was that moment, in 2017, that I knew this was where I wanted to grow my passion for food. The level of skill and the awesome vibe here was like no other school I had come across in South Africa.” - Tahila Pillay

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Introducing Savannah Claire Austen - Class of 2019

“Before I was born my mom wanted me to be a chef. Clearly, she passed her creativity and passion down to me. I want to learn how to create delicious, culinary artwork from the very best.” - Savannah Claire Austen

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Introducing Ruvarashe Matsika - Class of 2019

“Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine has high standards, we get to interact with Chef Jackie and learn from her life experiences in the field of culinary arts.” Ruvarashe Matsika

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Introducing Marizen Smit - Class of 2019

Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine is a place where I can be creative. I’ve always wanted to own a coffee shop and, after seeing what Chef Jackie at Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine had to offer for me, I consider myself fortunate to have this opportunity of a lifetime.

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Introducing Jessica George - Class of 2019

Jackie Cameron has put so much time and hard work into her school which, along with my parents sacrificing so much for me to be here, is motivation enough for me to want to give of my very best.

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