Chef Jackie Cameron
I am sick and tired of eating out in restaurants and being offered fish on the SASSI orange and even red list! I spend at least 30 minutes explaining to guests around my table, why certain fish can and cannot be eaten. Why aren’t people taking this all seriously, especially the chefs and restaurateurs... it is our responsibility to educate the public. Come on guys make a difference... it starts with you.
— Jackie Cameron

We really love our seafood here in South Africa. Unfortunately, unsustainable fishing and farming practices are straining our ocean’s resources. Latest studies estimate that 83% of all fisheries are now classified as fully fished or beyond. Coupled with this, about 25% of what is caught is thrown back, often dead and wasted. And, because no fishing gear is completely selective, many already endangered animals are also being caught accidentally as bycatch.

Luckily, choosing sustainable seafood is so much easier with WWF-SASSI’s colour-coded seafood pocket guide. The list categorises selected seafood species according to their conservation status: species on the Red list should never be bought (as they are either illegal or considered unsustainable), Orange-listed species have associated reasons for concern, and Green-listed species are the most sustainable choices available, coming from the best managed populations. And the nifty FishMS brings the list to you through an SMS; text the name of the fish to the number 079 499 8795 and you will soon get a response telling you to tuck in, think twice or avoid completely!

WWF-SASSI's partnerships with chefs in particular, are inspired by a love of seafood and a shared commitment to help restore our overexploited seafood species. WWF-SASSI believe that chefs serve as the gatekeepers for the food and hospitality industry and therefore play a critical role in leading market forces and influencing popular taste. The reality is that chefs who support and promote ocean-friendly seafood can help ensure that there are fish to catch and enjoy tomorrow, and help ensure the health of our oceans for the future.

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