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Cameron Easton's Avocado Ice Cream Recipe

This dessert is, despite its rich flavours, very clean and light. The flavour of the brownie is enhanced by the coarse salt, its sweet richness beautifully offset by the savouriness of the ice cream. The coriander hits your palette as a fresh and inviting aftertaste. This unusual pairing makes for a delightful ending to a meal – earthy yet light and fragrant.

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Wow! When we asked Jackie Cameron’s School of Food and Wine students to come up with a Mexican styled recipe to dish up in our Mexican Cantina this month, we were blown away by the inventive style and vivid flavour combination of Michelle Engelbrecht’s fabulous recipe.

Just reading the recipe is mouth-wateringly good – try it out for yourself – and be prepared for Mexican waves from your dinner guests.

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Zandy's Oryx Desert Salt Pet Biltong Recipe

Making Biltong is an age-old South African tradition and the process of curing meat for preservation is probably as old as mankind. We love biltong, and so do our beloved dogs!

Salt is an important part of the meat curing process and we love Oryx Desert Salt because it doesn’t have any added iodine together with the fact that it is local. Please do keep in mind that while salt is a crucial part of Fido’s diet too much salt can be bad, so please give treats as an occasional treat & always make sure adequate water is available.

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Trizanne Kodi's Celery Soup

Trizanne Kodi's mom has worked in a professional kitchen, so this adds to her understanding of the industry and sets her in a good position for what is to come. “Ever since I was a little girl I've stood, side by side, with my mum in the kitchen,” Trizanne says. “Before coming to chef school, she taught me all I know about food. I’m sharing her celery soup recipe, passed down to me and, whenever we've had guests, we have served it. I hope, with winter coming up, this recipe will be made, shared and enjoyed by your family and friends.” This dish intrigued me because, of all available vegetables, fresh celery is one I really don’t enjoy. Trizanne’s soup, however, is the best version of celery I have ever tasted. I suggest you try it.

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Andiswa Mqadlana's Chakalaka

Andiswa works well, developing recipes on the Elba cookers here at the school. She chooses to share her Chakalaka recipe. It’s one of her favourite dishes because “it’s simple yet delicious”. She started making it at a very young age and, over the years, experimentation with flavours has changed her original recipe. Sometimes it was too spicy, other times too hot. She knew she needed balance - mixed spice and coconut delivered a spicy sweetness. “A function at home is not complete without a chakalaka dish.  The ingredients vary from person to person, so does the spiciness. It’s, therefore, a dish you can easily make your own,” Andiswa says.

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Weber Spicy Woodview Chuck Beef with Dhanya & Chickpeas

Woodview Wagyu Beef has really opened up my eyes to their unbelievable quality. Weber Spicy Woodview Chuck (cooked as one would beef fillet) Beef with Dhanya, crushed and chunky Chickpeas.

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Frozen Waffle Ice Cream Cake

My frozen-waffle recipe and the no-churn ice cream creates an ice-cream cake that promises to impress. This dish is dedicated to my mother who often has a craving for these sort of ice creams, the wafer type – and sometimes even stops over at a filling-station shop to satisfy her longing.

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