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Cameron Easton's Avocado Ice Cream Recipe

This dessert is, despite its rich flavours, very clean and light. The flavour of the brownie is enhanced by the coarse salt, its sweet richness beautifully offset by the savouriness of the ice cream. The coriander hits your palette as a fresh and inviting aftertaste. This unusual pairing makes for a delightful ending to a meal – earthy yet light and fragrant.

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You may think we chose Pisto because it sounds like it fits in perfectly with our Mexican Cantina theme (a Cantina is a bar which serves food and drinks). But actually, Pisto is the Spanish version of ratatouille (stewed vegetables) and this versatile one-pan dish can work for breakfast, lunch and even a light dinner.  The trick is to allow the vegetables to gentle stew in their own juices so that they mingle into a flavourful medley of tastes.

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