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Sarah Farrington's Creamy Coriander Microgreen Dressing Recipe

Once seen as garnish in restaurants, microgreens have become known for their superior nutrient qualities – all thanks to a 2014 study, where researchers at the US Department of Agriculture, discovered that nearly all the 25 varieties of microgreens tested, had 4-6 times more vitamins and phytochemicals than mature leaves from the same plant.

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Ginger and almond pie with Wedgewood Nougat Recipe

Are you looking for a delicious dessert to create this Winter? Wedgewood Nougat and Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine have teamed up to create this scrumptious ginger and almond pie. ‘I crave pecan pie, so this is my take on the traditional pie – made even more delicious with the additional Wedgewood Angels Nougat Biscuit base and Nougat chunks,’ Jackie tells us.

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