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Souffle Midlands Free Range Egg Omelette with Lamb Curry Recipe

This month I have decided to share the soufflé omelette with spicy lamb, cheese and sour cream from the Midlands Eggs sub stand. It was the recipe I heard most requested and I’m confident you will enjoy creating it for family and friends.

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Andiswa Mqadlana's Chakalaka

Andiswa works well, developing recipes on the Elba cookers here at the school. She chooses to share her Chakalaka recipe. It’s one of her favourite dishes because “it’s simple yet delicious”. She started making it at a very young age and, over the years, experimentation with flavours has changed her original recipe. Sometimes it was too spicy, other times too hot. She knew she needed balance - mixed spice and coconut delivered a spicy sweetness. “A function at home is not complete without a chakalaka dish.  The ingredients vary from person to person, so does the spiciness. It’s, therefore, a dish you can easily make your own,” Andiswa says.

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Weber Spicy Woodview Chuck Beef with Dhanya & Chickpeas

Woodview Wagyu Beef has really opened up my eyes to their unbelievable quality. Weber Spicy Woodview Chuck (cooked as one would beef fillet) Beef with Dhanya, crushed and chunky Chickpeas.

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