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Jelly and Custard South African Weber Trifle

In conversations at the school, no celebration is a celebration without: Jelly and Custard... and I believe over the festive time a good-old Trifle, so here is my South African Weber Trifle recipe.

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South African Trifle

One of our cooking-class groups was looking for inspiration for innovative and exciting festive-season ideas. We decided the traditional trifle needed reinventing by giving it a South African twist. All its separate combinations can be made in advance so it’s an easy item to include this on your menu this year.

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Weber Cooked Chocolate & Cinnamon Malva Pudding

A meal is incomplete without a sweet ending so I have included a Weber-cooked chocolate-and-cinnamon malva pudding. It’s a recipe to treasure and is by far my go-to ‘safety net’ when guests arrive unexpectedly. The combination never disappoints.

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