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Friends of Wüsthof: Jackie Cameron

Every chef has their pet hate – and Jackie’s is seeing someone in the kitchen with one of her knives in their hand. “Nobody is allowed to touch my knives – they’re from the Wüsthof Classic Ikon range and they’re engraved. I use them, sharpen them and wash them myself,” she says. “I am very classical and old-fashioned in many ways and these knives are truly stunning – and they fit my hand like a glove,” she says. Having bruised and cut herself early in her career with blunt knives, Jackie makes sure her knives are always sharp.

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Into the Woods with Garden & Home

I knew I wanted to be a chef from a tiny tot, My sister and I often spent holidays with our grandparents and both my grandmothers cooked – one, traditional roasts and all the trimmings, and the other, baked goods – and I was cooking with them from the age of three.

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