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Anele Tembe: A Seriously Decadent Sweet Tooth

With the next Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine student intake arriving soon, I was reflecting on the #20182019 group and the progress made this year.

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Dedicated Students Rise to Wedding Occasion

It’s seldom that one can leave one’s entire wedding feast to a group of students - and it is testament to the quality of the aspiring chefs at Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine that I could do just that.

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Congratulations to our KZN Food Heroes!

MY" suppliers... I hope you all don’t mind me calling you 'mine' but I truly do feel we are all one. I read this article written by Lee Currie in the Sunday Tribune and I get excited for each of you. I feel proud to know you and your products like the back of my hand. Exciting times for us all!

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