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Anele Tembe: A Seriously Decadent Sweet Tooth

With the next Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine student intake arriving soon, I was reflecting on the #20182019 group and the progress made this year.

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Nkululeko Mlotshwa - 2017 Bursary Winner

Nkululeko Bryan Mlotshwa, the 2017 bursary winner, is an inspiration and I cannot wait to see how well he does in the industry. I thank TASTE for bringing him into my life and my school. He has made so many delicious things – from artisanal bread to cake icing, and gives his all to everything he does.

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Introducing Zandy Armstrong - Class of 2018

I wanted to train at the best school possible and under the best chef possible – and, at this stage, I feel Chef Jackie Cameron is the best option available.

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Introducing Anele Tembe - Class of 2018

Crepe suzette. It’s a classic French dessert which I find elegant and full of flavour – and I’m full of personality, energy as well as confidence. With that comes carrying oneself with decorum.


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Introducing Heather-Lee Holliday - Class of 2018

The name Jackie Cameron. The different qualifications and certificates offered in the course.
To learn to prepare food the correct way. To be the best I can be and to be able to inspire others to do the same. 

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Introducing Marlene Carvalho - Class of 2018

I have always been passionate about food and I want to follow a future in the culinary industry.
I am hoping to gain – and achieve – the personal, theoretic and practical skills needed to become a renowned chef; and to graduate with the necessary qualifications.

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Introducing Sbonga Clifford Thwala - Class of 2018

I have followed Jackie Cameron for years and become a fan of her marvellous work. I knew I wanted to be trained by the best in the business of food and fine dining. I was in contact with her for about three years before enrolling, and in 2018 my dream became a reality. She just does things properly.

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Introducing Angelo Richard - Class of 2018

I have appreciated food from a very young age and, following signs and comments from influential people in my life, I chose to enrol here.

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