Jackie Cameron School of Food and Wine Open Day

Jackie Cameron
The course here is unique – there is no other curriculum like it in the country. Two of the many examples of this include a First Aid Level 2 course compared with the Level 1 offered by other schools; as well as an internationally-recognised wine course compared with the local accreditation from other schools. We pride ourselves in being a step ahead of the rest.
— Jackie Cameron

Jackie Cameron and the students at Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine look forward to hosting you at the school’s open day:

Saturday October 24, 2015
241 Old Howick Road, World’s View, Hilton
09h00 to 17h00

This is your opportunity to: meet Jackie and her students; view the school; ask all relevant questions about the school and this extremely-exciting industry.

Apart from making herself available to all visitors to the school, Jackie is keen to meet prospective students. To secure a personal appointment you are requested to make a booking:

We at Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine believe there is only one way to do things… and that is properly. That’s why we have sourced the best. I have listed a few examples below.

I so look forward to hearing from you.