Wine & Spirit Education Trust - WSET

Jackie Cameron
The Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine is proud to be associated with the internationally-recognised Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET). One of the lecturers at the School of Food & Wine, Cathy Marston, will be representing The Institute of Wines & Spirits (AIWS) which is one of 4 approved programme providers in Africa WSET.
— Jackie Cameron

The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) offers the best wine courses in South Africa and has an ethos that sits well with the Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine. It is the industry standard in 62 countries around the world which means a WSET qualification will be recognised by all hospitality institutions wherever a graduate's career travels may lead.

The course includes modules on service and storage, social responsibility, as well as food-and-wine matching. It provides the wine skills required as a chef; as well as for dealing with front-of-house personnel. In addition, students will receive an in depth overview of the world of wine covering all major wine styles; and gain a thorough understanding of the world's most famous names and labels.