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Sarah Farrington's Creamy Coriander Microgreen Dressing Recipe

Once seen as garnish in restaurants, microgreens have become known for their superior nutrient qualities – all thanks to a 2014 study, where researchers at the US Department of Agriculture, discovered that nearly all the 25 varieties of microgreens tested, had 4-6 times more vitamins and phytochemicals than mature leaves from the same plant.

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Nkululeko’s Microgreen Herb Pesto Recipe

One of Mlotshwa’s favourite recipes is his microgreen herb pesto. “It is quick and easy to make and versatile too. I’ve included ideas on the ways you can apply this pesto to an array of different dishes and applications” he comments. “The main thing to keep in mind when you apply this pesto to your dish is that you must not cook it further. When microgreens are cooked they are depleted of their nutrients.”

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