Introducing Trizanne Kodi - Class of 2017

Trizanne Kodi - Jackie Cameron School of Food and Wine

Jackie Cameron
I have been astonished – and thrilled - by the number of chefs and restaurateurs who have recommended Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine to potential students. It’s heartwarming to know the recognition we are receiving. Up next is Trizanne Kodi, sent by Ryan Ringo a good friend of the hospitality industry.
— Jackie Cameron

Trizanne worked many months for Ryan and, with this experience, she came to the school on the right foot - understanding the long hours and the pressure. She waited a year before enrolling at a school. Her reasoning being that she needed to reassure herself that, although she loved cooking at home, could she do this every day in an industrial kitchen. So well thought out.

Trizanne’s mom has worked in a professional kitchen, so this adds to her understanding of the industry and sets her in a good position for what is to come. “Ever since I was a little girl I've stood, side by side, with my mum in the kitchen,” Trizanne says. “Before coming to chef school, she taught me all I know about food. I’m sharing her celery soup recipe, passed down to me and, whenever we've had guests, we have served it. I hope, with winter coming up, this recipe will be made, shared and enjoyed by your family and friends.”

This dish intrigued me because, of all available vegetables, fresh celery is one I really don’t enjoy. Trizanne’s soup, however, is the best version of celery I have ever tasted. I suggest you try it.

Trizanne Kodi's Celery Soup

  1. What inspired you to enrol at Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine?
    Chef Jackie’s humility and enthusiasm inspired me to turn my passion into my profession.
  2. What are you hoping to achieve there?
    To become the best version of myself - as a chef and as a person.
  3. What do you hope to give of yourself?
    I’ll follow the saying: “Never give it your best; give it your everything.
  4. What is your long-term goal?
    To be a well-travelled chef and to own my own restaurant.
  5. In how many years do you hope to achieve this?
  6. Who is your favourite international “foodie”?
    Marco Pierre White
  7. If food had a personality, which dish would be most like you – and why?
    Baked Alaska. You may find me guarded but get to know me – I’m a huge softy inside.
  8. Where were you born and raised?
    Port Shepstone, KwaZulu-Natal.
  9. Apart from food what hobbies do you enjoy?
    Reading; hiking.
  10. What dish do you find least inspiring and why?
    Biryani. It’s delicious but there’s little one can do in terms of plating and presentation.

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