Introducing Brynn Enslin - Class of 2017

Brynn Enslin - Jackie Cameron School of Food and Wine

Jackie Cameron
Brynn Enslin attended our first Teens Cooking Class early last year. The next one is on July 1 and 2, 2017. It will showcase winter food - think rich and melt-in-your-mouth oxtail in risotto. Brynn left the course seeming very enthusiastic and keen to enroll for the 18-month programme. I didn’t push him and he contacted me late last year. I admit to wondering why he’d taken so long!
— Jackie Cameron

Brynn’s upbringing revolved around a variety of interesting activities and, unbeknown to him, the exposure will prove beneficial on this course. He has shot and brought pigeons into school and a sheep’s head that we skinned, deboned and ate the brains. This was the students first experience of super-fresh brains. He has supplied Constantijn Leo Hahndiek, the current chef at Hartford House, with pigeons and has supplied the school with his freshly-caught trout.

Brynn shares his delicious venison burger patties wrapped in bacon. “This recipe is nothing fancy, however, if cooked over an open fire the smoke enhances the flavours and leaves you wanting more,” he says. “For me this sitting-around-a-blazing-fire-and-exchanging-stories style of eating is about transporting family and friends into the wilderness. The whole experience is one that my family and I have enjoyed repeatedly. I urge you to get out there, become one with nature and all it offers. The great outdoors inspires me and foraging for flavours motivates me. Since I can remember I have known what I can and can’t eat in nature - simply by observing the animals and their behaviour. Perhaps this is the reason I have huge respect for the animals I hunt and utilise every part, possible.”

Brynn cooked these delicious burgers for one of our ‘family’ meals. This is a lunch we share on a Friday. It’s prepared by one student who comes in at 06h00 to prepare something special. This gives the students the opportunity to be in full control of their respective dishes. I suggest you try them at home. Get your whole family involved - make your own buns too.

Brynn Enslin's Venison Burger

  1. What inspired you to enrol at Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine?
    I thought agriculture would be the path for me but, after a week’s course at Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine, I discovered this was where I was meant to be.
  2. What are you hoping to achieve there?
    To gain as much knowledge as possible so that I’ll be well equipped to forge my future.
  3. What do you hope to give of yourself?
    To give nothing short of 100%
  4. What is your long-term goal?
    To travel through restaurant learning, and growing in confidence. And then to return to Zimbabwe to open my own restaurant.
  5. In how many years do you hope to achieve this?
    Five to 10.
  6. Who is your favourite international “foodie”?
    Jamie Oliver. I think I have similar interests.
  7. If food had a personality, which dish would be most like you – and why?
    Roast – all flavours fused together to create something wonderful and inspiring.
  8. Where were you born and raised?
    Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.
  9. Apart from food what hobbies do you enjoy?
    Hunter/gathering; spearfishing; scuba diving.
  10. What dish do you find least inspiring and why?
    Salad in a restaurant. I’d rather make my own.

I urge you to make the recipes we share, and we look forward to welcoming you to the school one day soon. If you are not on our data base, please email so we can keep you updated on events and the classes we have planned. We look forward to hosting you.

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