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Jackie Cameron
My internationally-accredited Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine is hosting an open day – today. It would be a pleasure to meet you and for you to see for yourself what professional culinary luminaries Abigail Donnelly, Arnold Tanzer and Garth Schnier have been talking about when they complimented me on the school’s achievements.
— Jackie Cameron

Jackie Cameron School Of Food & Wine Open Day
241 Old Howick Road, Hilton
Between 09h00 and 17h00

My sister’s recent surprise kitchen tea inspired today’s recipes which I’m sure you’ll use - and enjoy the results as much as we did. All combinations are reminiscent of Sheldeen and I growing up together. It was her day so I have chosen her favourites.

Do you know Galliano? It is a sweet liquor with vanilla-anise flavour and subtle citrus-and-woody herbal under notes. It’s not that easy to find these days but I’m grateful to Parklane Spar for coming to the rescue. When we were young, I remember my mom entertaining friends and often she would spoil them with a carved-out fresh pineapple filled with her Galliano-vodka-and-orange-juice concoction. We were allowed a tiny sip and these minute nips tickled our taste buds - and our memories - so we served mom’s ‘potion’ as the welcome drink. Cocktails and Dreams… I’m sure you remember the movie with Tom Cruise. My sister and I still know all the words of the song!

Galliano Punch

With the approaching wedding in mind I thought it appropriate to make maid-of-honour biscuits. Unbeknown to Sheldeen, this was her idea because on one of her visits from Joburg she found my assistant Elaine Boshoff working on the recipe for my next cookbook - Sheldeen flattened the entire batch! This tasty treat is biscuit based with a jam layer, topped with coconut meringue. Our Granny Dot used to have a supply in her kitchen cupboard for us girls. When Sheldeen knew she was visiting earlier this month, maid-of-honour biscuits were included in her home-food request. Her kitchen tea was kept a surprise but I granted her wish and hid them in a ‘safe’ place.  Safe? How wrong I was! She found the decadent delights and started nibbling on them days before her kitchen tea. The secret, however, wasn’t out. The day arrived and this was the first time I’d seen my sister lost for words!

Made-of-Honor Biscuits

Over the years cheesecakes have featured in much of our home cooking - from oven-baked to fridge, as well as the Israeli-type cheesecake.  The latter version’s uniqueness is the Israeli white cheese. It’s similar to German quark; a fresh, creamy-style cheese common in the cuisines of German-speaking countries. The result is a light, fluffy dessert. Here in South Africa we use what we have and try to get the best result possible.  I have never been disappointed, and this true, home-styled pudding may be a little expensive but worth every cent – and it’s one of my sister’s top three desserts!

Frozen Cherry "Israeli" Triangle Cheesecake

Now back to my open day. Remember the students of Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine - and I - look forward to hosting you today Saturday October 24, 2015 at 241 Old Howick Road, World’s View, Hilton between 09h00 and 17h00.

This is your opportunity to meet us all, view the school and ask any relevant questions about the school and this extremely-exciting industry.

Apart from making myself available to all visitors, I am keen to meet prospective students. To secure a personal appointment you are requested to make a booking.
Phone: 033 343 1784 or email:

Please view the slideshow of the school at the top of this post... it will give you good insight into the facility and all it offers.

The course here is unique – besides being internationally accredited by City & Guilds, there is no other curriculum like it in the country.  Two of the many examples of this include a First Aid Level 2 course compared with the Level 1 offered by other schools; as well as an internationally-recognised wine course compared with the local accreditation from other schools. We pride ourselves in being a step ahead of the rest.

We at Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine believe there is only one way to do things… and that is properly. That’s why we have sourced the best. I have listed a few examples below:

  • Equipment from the Culinary Group is made in France and Italy
  • Riedel supplies our wine glasses
  • A French linguist conducts French-terminology lectures
  • World-renowned cake icer teaches her craft
  • A chartered accountant takes the food costing course. 
  • It’s the only chef course in the country to offer WSET’s (Wine Spirit Education Trust) internationally-recognised course - the standard in 62 countries around the world
  • The school is aligned with the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Business School

I look forward to hearing from you; and hopefully welcoming you to my school today.

This is where your journey with food begins

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Food styling and recipe development: Elaine Boshoff.

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