The Graduation

Jackie Cameron
It was 16 years of hard work - and a dream accomplished - when the first intake of students at Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine graduated with distinctions in all subjects. I now look forward to welcoming next year’s aspiring young chefs.
— Jackie Cameron

But before that happens I’m going to share with you the graduates’ “last supper”. You may like to visit the Facebook page to see more photos and comments because it was a moving occasion.

Each student created her own dinner menu that comprised happy memories and remarkable stories which accompanied each course. Every item on every plate had a reason for being there. It takes a lot to impress me – these graduates truly amazed me. I have the privilege to have eaten in top restaurants locally and abroad, and I have to say that after 18 months my first intake produced meals that were nothing short of phenomenal. The results they achieved can be attributed to hard work and commitment.

I could not have wished for a better group as I took my first steps into running a school for aspiring chefs, and I thank the young women for the legacy and the testament they have left behind. They have set a high standard for those who follow. This is both challenging and exciting as I reflect on the many, many hours of hard work ahead.

Today I’ve shared Carla Schulze’s simply-delicious bread recipe, Kate Cousin’s world-class soufflé which was inspired by Chef Charlie Lakin at Kate’s practical placement: 9th Avenue Bistro, in Durban and Cara Conway’s Pavlova. See the recipes below for more information.

Carla Schulze, Wild Yeast Bread inspired by her teachings at the school from Graeme Taute

Do enquire with Graeme, The Wild Bread Co., on he holds a hands-on course exploring the ancient art of wild yeast and sourdough bread making on certain Saturday’s throughout the year. A definite must for any keen baker and this will give you the skills that Carla had in creating her own bread combination that was served with her waterblommetjie aioli.

Mixed Fruit Soufflé

If you have always been too scared to make a soufflé-this should be the first recipe you ever attempt, full proof we believe.

Meringue Baskets

Cara's Delicate Meringue Baskets Recipe was inspired by her mothers pavlova recipe.

The graduates came out winners, and demonstrated their prowess in their last week at school.

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I wish you a fulfilling cook out!

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