Clifford Thwala's Family Favourite Recipe

Jackie Cameron
The Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine #20172018 students are well into the practical placement segment of our curriculum, and the #20182019 are progressing through the course material proficiently, and in good time.
— Jackie Cameorn

Over the next few months I shall introduce you to the current students – each will share a family-favourite recipe and we’d be grateful if you’d try them and then email the school with your comments. Previous students found this to be a very beneficial and helpful exercise.

Clifford Thwala and I have been in contact for a long time. He had his own catering company offering traditional food and providing catering services to schools, municipalities, government functions, police stations as well as places of safety in the Zululand area. Believing he had not reached his potential - that there was so much more to learn – he contacted me.

“The food industry - especially fine dining – excites me,” enthuses Clifford who, for the past five years - and no professional skills - has been catering in Kosi Bay in Northern Zululand. “After graduating at Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine, I plan to focus on being one of South Africa’s top chefs,” he says, adding that through his skills he will give back to the country’s culinary world by serving mouth-watering food, thereby ensuring that South Africa can compete with the world’s best countries in tourism as well as in food and fine-dining.

Clifford is sharing a delicious fish recipe, with his own mushroom risotto, seasonal vegetables, and his own tartare sauce. Such a tantalising dish with uncomplicated flavours - and the image, taken by Karen Edwards, clearly illustrates its freshness.  This recipe is close to Clifford’s heart because its flavours and combinations are very distant from those he grew up with. He always says his journey with food has kept him on his toes, and that he relishes exploring - and working with - combinations that are unfamiliar to him. And then he adds his unique touch.

I applaud Clifford for his aspirations to be the best he can be – for himself and for the betterment of his family. He has a loveable wife of years, Kim, who provides a sound support base and an endearing daughter, Zenny

We have started cake icing with Pam Alty and we all look forward to viewing the video clips of Clifford presenting his cakes to his super-cute daughter.

I’m excited to witness Clifford evolving on this course and to see the doors opening for him. I know they will.

Here’s to each of the students reaching greater heights than they ever thought possible. 

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Food assistant and recipe developer:
Clifford Thwala

All Photos taken by:
Karen E Photography