Thermomix – Reinventing Simplicity Again

Jackie Cameron
The modern, user friendly and ergonomically designed Thermomix unites functions of over 10 appliances into a single, easy to use, compact appliance. It chops, blends, grinds, mills, kneads, mixes, cooks, steams and weighs!
— Jackie Cameron

With a sophisticated temperature control selection, no more double boilers needed. It makes chocolate tempering effortless. Prepare hollandaise hands-free allowing the Thermomix to cook and stir while you are busy with something else. Zabaglione whips while it is cooking. Ice-creams on a new level.

Making a puree becomes a lot simpler, producing an extremely fine consistency. No more sieving required. Straight from Thermomix to plate.

From pates, mousselines and pastes, breads, pasta dough’s and pastries, Béarnaise’s, Beurre blancs and emulsifications, grinding whole nutmeg, dried sundried tomatoes and dried orange peel, the Thermomix does it all.

German designed, with the factory in France, this is a quality product with over 7 million users worldwide and all top chefs discovering the Thermomix now consider the appliance a necessity in their kitchens. At the Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine we're proud to support Thermomix.

For all enquiries, contact info@sathermomix or call 011 974 1171.