The Great Big Brunch Guide

Jackie Cameron
Thank you to Eat Out for mentioning and including Jackie Cameron Culinary School restaurant, The School Outlet, Chef Kate and Myself in the BEST OF THE BRUNCH SPOTS in South Africa.
— Jackie Cameron

The School Outlet’- a relaxed, daytime eatery by chef Jackie Cameron and past student Kate Cousins - is where patrons will be able to linger while indulging in decadent, creative, African inspired breakfasts.

The three-course menu – comprising simple breakfast concepts of the highest possible standard and cooked with butter, free-range eggs, KwaZulu-Natal traditional stone-ground flour, SASSI green-listed fish, hormone-free meats, locally-grown fruit and vegetables; or the irresistible, newly-baked, oozy Umsobo jam donuts; or the enticing, local, naartjie custard slices; and much more – spell return visits. Expect heritage KwaZulu-Natal cuisine, highlighting seasonal, local ingredients with new-age elegance.