Introducing Savannah Claire Austen - Class of 2019

Savannah Claire Austen - Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine


Savannah Claire Austen

1) What inspired you to enrol at Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine?

Before I was born my mom wanted me to be a chef. Clearly, she passed her creativity and passion down to me. I want to learn how to create delicious, culinary artwork from the very best.

2) What are you hoping to achieve there?

I hope to achieve an abundance of knowledge and experience in food and wine.

3) What do you hope to give of yourself?

I hope to give EVERYTHING of myself.

4) What is your long-term goal?

My long-term goal is to be a pastry chef or cake decorator and start my own business.

5) In how many years do you hope to achieve this?

In the next five to 10 years.

6) Who is your favourite international foodie?

Mary Berry

7) If food had a personality, which dish would be most like you and why?

I would be chocolate habanero because it is sweet with a lot of heat.

8) Where were you born and raised?

 I was born in Pietermaritzburg and raised, from the age of three, on a farm in Howick.

9) Apart from food what hobbies do you enjoy?

 Dancing and singing.

10) What dish do you find least inspiring and why?

 Anything with bananas. I don't like them, and I have not eaten one since I was two years old.