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Anna Trapido - Brunch Restaurant Review

Anna Trapido, what an honour and a pleasure to welcome you to my school, thank you for your continuous support and encouragement. This truly does mean the world to me. You were hugely instrumental in getting my name out there all those years ago and I feel so proud that you have been to experience Chef Kate’s BR.UNCH restaurant, here at my school.

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TRAVEL KID - Blissful Brunch

“We drove to Hilton which is where you find the Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine. We spent the night in a lovely little room behind Jackie Cameron’s school – it was like a magic room in the Hobbit – up a windy staircase with ivy so you felt like you were going into a secret kingdom.”

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A Gourmet Brunch Experience

Shelley Seid, thanking you greatly for this wonderfully detailed piece on our BRUNCHES here at my school. Thanking you for your continued support and making a huge effort to be here.This does mean the world to us. We will kick our Br.unches off again the same time next year, see you then.

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