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Zandy's Oryx Desert Salt Pet Biltong Recipe

Making Biltong is an age-old South African tradition and the process of curing meat for preservation is probably as old as mankind. We love biltong, and so do our beloved dogs!

Salt is an important part of the meat curing process and we love Oryx Desert Salt because it doesn’t have any added iodine together with the fact that it is local. Please do keep in mind that while salt is a crucial part of Fido’s diet too much salt can be bad, so please give treats as an occasional treat & always make sure adequate water is available.

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Sarah's Yummy Doggie Biscuit Treats Recipe

Many people believe salt is not healthy for dogs. But like humans, a certain amount of salt is actually needed in a dog’s body. Salt is included in almost all manufactured pet food for this reason.
So why not treat your dog with a perfect homemade treat? This treat is not meant for wheat intolerant dogs, use wheat free substitutes if needed.

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