Introducing Lance Klipp - Class of 2018


Lance Klipp

1. What inspired you to enrol at Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine?
During my first year out of school my appreciation of food grew. Now in my second year I want to build on that.

2. What are you hoping to achieve here?
To truly master all the basics, and from there master all the little, but important, aspects of cooking

3. What do you hope to give of yourself?
To be on time every day and give 100% from the start to the end of every day. To perfect everything Chef Jackie teaches us.

4. What is your long-term goal?
To open a restaurant with some of the best meals in the country – hopefully the world.

5. In how many years do you hope to achieve this?
By the time I’m 32 years old.

6.    Who is your favourite international ‘foodie’?
Gordon Ramsay; Guy Fieri

7. If food had a personality, what dish would be most like you – and why?
A burger - when you eat a burger you discover the ingredients. My personality – although you can’t see it – will slowly come out as I feel more comfortable here.

8. Where were you born and raised?
Born in Pietermaritzburg and raised on a farm in Dalton.

9. Apart from food what hobbies do you enjoy?
Fast cars; soccer; basketball; farming.

10. What dish do find least inspiring – and why?
Lasagne. I confess enjoying it, but the dish doesn’t inspire me because there’s a limit to what can be done with it.