Cooking Classes & Sundowners

Jackie Cameron
Bowing to public demand sees us adding a new dimension to Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine that gives anyone with culinary interests the opportunity to be a part of a like-minded group.
— Jackie Cameron

The events we have focused on include breakfast, which we’d like to put back to its rightful place as a social meal. Our basic ingredient is supplied by Midlands Eggs – and we’re prepared to share our secrets so you can impress your family and friends. And you can expect a glass of bubbly on arrival and six free-range eggs on departure.

If your preference is a perfect risotto; homemade cannelloni; light-as-a-feather gnocchi; and tiramisu with your own homemade lady-finger biscuits, then join the students for a morning of tantalising Italian tasters. Terbodore will be there with a bottomless coffee pot – we suggest you go fully Italiano and choose the espresso.

If you think it can’t be done on a Weber we’ll show you it can… You will have the opportunity to taste the results, and recipes will be supplied. So diarise Weber Friday – it’s the first one of every month.

Perhaps you’d prefer to go it alone… We have had great fun with our tailor-made classes. Just reveal your budget and you’ll be advised what can be done – as well as the number of hours you have ‘bought’. You can spend the days with us or just a few hours. You can bring friends – or not. A Jackie Cameron gift box that comprises items such as a chef jacket, apron and Jackie Cameron Cooks at Home recipe book could also be included. You choose – we’ll deliver. These bespoke cookery classes will have you back for more… and teach you how to put a bit of spice into your private functions.

Ever wish you could, on occasion, hand your cooking over to someone else? Thebalethu Zuma who has pretty-much grown up in the Cameron family’s home conducts classes in Zulu to ensure every skill is fully understood by your housekeeper.

Maybe you’d like to try the Jackie Cameron Way? Then consider attending a two-day cooking class where I will share hints and tips that I have acquired over the years. About 40 simple, tantalising recipes for home cooking - from the book Jackie Cameron Cooks at Home - are demonstrated, and copies of all recipes are included in the fee. Lunch comprises tasters of the various dishes being highlighted.

Everyone enjoys a sundowner so every month we showcase two different wine estates and the students pair bite-size tastings for the various cultivars being presented. We’ll ask you to comment on the snacks and how well they pair with the respective wines. This is a relaxed, informal get together of people who enjoy fine fare - and for those who would like to gain appreciation for this sociable activity. It’s the experience that counts... And remember there’s no right or wrong; it’s all about your opinion.

So, on the way home from work, stop off for a sundowner of a food-and-wine pairing with a difference. This month’s recipes are taken from the last event.

seared peach with a well matured camembert

Think a seared peach with a well matured camembert, creamy Caesar dressing and almond nougatine served with chardonnay.

fresh green curry chicken

Light and fresh green curry chicken with finely grated baby-marrow fritter went very favourably with the chenin blanc.

rose panna cotta

While the rose panna cotta with beetroot powder, brioche base, silver balls was a taste sensation with the rose bubbly.

Hopefully, we have whetted your appetite – and we look forward to the opportunity to share culinary experiences with you. If you’d like a concise diary of our events please send me an email so I can forward it to you.

Explore my website to find out more about my WOMEN'S chef range - men's to come shortly; remember Jackie Cameron Cooks At Home and all my foodie adventures. I always look forward to hearing from you on

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Food styling and recipe development: Elaine Boshoff.

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