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Braeden Royal's Sweet Hash Browns Recipe

Braedon Royal shares his homemade, hash brown recipe. “This is a dish my mom prepared on special occasions such as birthdays, so it’s a pleasing reminder of happy times with family and friends,” says Braeden, adding that the sweet-potato flavour and cheesy broccoli transport him to his comfort zone. This is truly tasty with many of my favourite breakfast flavours incorporated into one dish. Think cultured crème fraiche, tender-stem broccoli, fried eggs and grated cheese.

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Jonty Nicolson's Breakfast Recipe

Jonty Nicholson has shared one of his Country Market recipes. Try it out and then visit him on your next Midlands Meander adventure. I wish this innovative team a successful future and I celebrate the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, our suppliers and our chefs - quality cuisine will place us firmly on the South Africa’s culinary map.

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Banana Bread French Toast with Cinnamon Bananas

Banana bread takes me straight back to happy childhood days. I suggest using it for French toast and topping that with cinnamon, bananas and home-spun honey. And on special occasions a thick dollop of mascarpone cheese and super-crispy, streaky bacon goes down a treat.  Other appealing suggestions include a chocolate-chunks topping or an accompanying serving of dried-fruit compote.

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