Food Fit for Royalty - Urban Life and Style July 2016

One of the most exciting South African chefs over the last decade, Jackie Cameron’s name has become synonymous with gastronomic pleasure. Find Jackie Cameron’s School of Food & Wine in the KZN Midlands.
— Urban Life and Style

1. I always think of a feast - tables filled and laden with savoury deliciousness… roast potatoes, suckling pig, pumpkin pies, lamb crowns, cote de boeuf with all the trimmings Yorkshire puddings, applesauce.


2. Valrhona chocolate in or on anything is pretty grand.

3. Croquembouche, marks a celebration if served as a dessert. I will never forget the first one I made with absolutely no guidance from anyone just a memory having seen it being done once before. Keep in mind, in those days, one didn’t have YOUTUBE to guide a chef in need.


4. What would tea time be for royalty without fresh homemade cucumber sandwiches, scones with berry jam and clotted cream.

cheese crackers

5. A world class selection of beautifully matured cheeses that one can see many years of making, recipes past down from one generation to the next.