Introducing Courtney Stuart - Class of 2018

Jackie Cameron
The new year welcomed the #20182019 to Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine. We, however, must spare a thought for the #20172018 group that is getting practical experience in the industry. This is what they have to say: “Chef you told us it was going to be hard, we never thought this hard - but gee whiz we are loving it.
— Jackie Cameron

Over the next few months I plan to introduce you to our current students. Each of them will share their own family-favourite recipe with you and we’d all be grateful if you’d try the recipes and then email the school with your comments. Our previous students found this to be a very beneficial and helpful exercise. Courtney Stuart, was the first student to be accepted for the current intake – that was in 2016. I met her at the Maris Stella career day where I was promoting the school. She wrote her name down, asked many questions and then ran off. Shortly after another girl came to the table; I could tell she was not at all interested in the course – and I noted Courtney smiling in the background. I asked them to explain themselves and it transpired that Courtney had asked her friend to take a peep at the list I’d made of those interested in the course because I accept only 15 students and she was desperate to get in. Courtney then admitted to being concerned that I may forget her, so I told her to put a big star next to her name – she made a good job of that…

Many eager emails and phone calls followed – and then she arrived with her mom. I was gifted with the most tantalising cupcakes which had me saying to myself “this is a keeper”. Her contagious enthusiasm was so refreshing – and she attended last year's students’ high tea to gain an inside view of what would be expected of her.

Do you know the dates for this year’s high teas? Have you received our dates for the sundowner events as well as other 2018 occasions? If not please email and ask Beryl to send them all to you. We have lots of cool things on the go. 

Courtney chose to share her lemon meringue pie. It was so delicious that it was flattened before our eyes soon after Karen Edwards had taken the last photograph. I welcome Karen back to Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine. She will, again, take our images for The Witness. We laughed at the fact that we were both so much more ‘grown up’ since the last time we worked together. Why did Courtney choose this recipe? “I’ve always been a complete sucker for lemon meringue,” she admits. “It’s rare to find one that is as perfectly balanced between sweet and sour as this version. Here I quote Goldilocks – ‘this one is just right’. If I were to describe my personality through one dish, it would be lemon meringue. My personality is based on my morals and the lemon meringue has a base that gives it the structure it needs; the filling is firm and set, as well as sweet and organised; the meringue, piped on top, is bold but soft on the inside – like me.

I have little doubt that Courtney’s words and Karen’s pictures have you inspired. Here is to each of the students reaching greater heights than they ever thought possible.

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