Chef Christine Burgess

Jackie Cameron
I am honoured and privileged to have Chef Christine Burgess at the school – KZN, we should be proud, we look forward to seeing how the students and the school will grow, with Christine on board.
— Jackie Cameron

When Jackie left Hartford House to start her school of food and wine, she put out a desperate ‘tweet’ for a ‘right hand’. There was an overwhelming response, but she had not thought things through properly and soon realised she had neither an income nor a school – yet… She, however, met many interesting characters in the process and a name that remained with her was Christine Burgess. They kept in contact and, now in the school’s third year, Christine is to help Jackie with the teaching, training, functions and tutoring - guiding students to reach their full potential.

Jackie is delighted to have someone by her side who has experienced the professionalism of Chef Harold Bresselschmidt of Cape Town’s Aubergine restaurant; as well as that of her good friend and female, rock-star-chef Margot Janse, formerly head chef at The Tasting Room, Le Quartier Français in Franschhoek. Likewise, the crazy-busy, super-talented businessman Chef Reuben Riffel of Reuben’s Restaurant and Bar in Franschhoek is to be remembered and, of course, all Christine’s international travels, as well as her commitment to Karkloof Safari Spa in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, where she was head chef for six years.

Christine is mother to the “cutest little boy”, Anton, who just turned one. Fortunately for the school – and the industry - she heeded the call back to the world of fine food.