Cathy's 40th Birthday Dinner

Birthday Dinner Party
Jackie Cameron
I have cooked many a meal over the years for Cathy and Warren. It was truly an absolute privilege to have them and their special friends to my school for Cathy’s very special Birthday dinner. It makes all the hard work even more enjoyable when the guests are all so appreciative and enthusiastic together with the fact of being keen to learn. Here is to the next birthday celebration. And thank you Cathy for such a beautiful thank you note - I just had to share this!
— Jackie Cameron

A Letter from Cathy:

Dear Jackie,

A belated THANK YOU for all that you did for my 40th birthday dinner.

We had a fantastic evening and everyone is still talking about how amazing the food was. From the numerous and delicious canapes to the surprise bread course – we were starting to wonder if we would still be able to fit in the actual meal. The smoke with the trout starter was fantastic – we were simply blown away! The duck was a real favourite with a lot of the guests and I was especially partial to the marshmallows.

The wine pairings were great and really enhanced the whole experience – I can’t believe that the Chardonnay went so well with the smoke (!?) and will definitely be buying some of the Heatherleigh dessert wine – it was really yummy! 

You have a beautiful venue which created the perfect atmosphere for a really elegant meal that was so much fun, and not too formal or stuffy. I have heard so many comments from different friends who got to watch you tempering chocolate or filling the dishes with smoke or making the caramel for the dessert – so amazing to be able to watch you and your staff, while you worked.  A special thank you to your staff and your Mum – what a privilege to be so well looked after.

Jackie, your attention to detail and the amazing flavours that you create are just spectacular – thank you for a truly memorable birthday party – we just need to find an excuse to come back again! Thanks so much!

Cathy & Warren

PS: I have even been inspired to give the marshmallows a go at home and the result was a very sticky kitchen and success, thanks for the recipe! Can’t imagine why I haven’t tried it before as I have had your first book for a while now… and I can’t wait to try some of the recipes in your new baking book.

Birthday Dinner at Jackie Cameron School of Food and Wine