5 Must Have Herbs

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— Urban Life 'n Style

BASIL can be difficult to grow. Try perennial basil. What would life be without caprese salads, basil pesto and pastas topped with freshly torn basil. And OREGANUM fresh is always best. On pizzas, in salads and a rosemary flavoured vase full as table decoration can be very special.


ROSEMARY can be the easiest thing to grow. The problem is when you use so much of it that it never gets the opportunity to flourish. Think garlic and rosemary studded braaied lamb roast, rosemary flavoured crispy roast potatoes and grilled hand picked tomatoes with rosemary.


SAGE has so many varieties of this, but give me the original first up. I do love the aroma of pineapple sage and the flowers... truly stunning. Deep fried sage in a salad or to top a risotto-yum. Sage with pork and roast chicken - a dream match no matter how classical.


CORIANDER, some cannot stand it. I cannot live without this. On top of a good mature oozing cheese with homemade chilli sauce. A curry without  Dhuniya is not a curry to me. In a salad for freshness.