Chocolate Profiteroles

Chocolate Choux Pastry Profiteroles / Karen E Photography (p)

Jackie Cameron
Karen Edwards’ photograph of my chocolate profiteroles clearly illustrates how tasty these little chocolate delights are. I would have a chocolate profiterole every day of my life; if that was at all possible. I have given up buying them because I’m always disappointed in what I’m served. My Aunt Molly pretty-much brought us up on these. When you have tasted the best, there is no compromising on quality.
— Jackie Cameron

Choux Pastry

Makes: 18


  • 250ml Water
  • 120ml Salted Butter
  • 250ml Cake Flour, sift
  • 3 whole Eggs 


  1. Place the water and butter in a small pot, allow the butter to melt, as soon as the mixture comes to the simmer remove from the heat.
  2. Add all the flour at one time into the pot-off the heat, using a wooden spoon bring it all together.
  3. Place the pot back onto the heat, cook the flour for a minute or two. You will see the mixture coming away from the sides of the pot-this is when it is ready.
  4. Place the mixture into a stainless – steel mixing bowl, spread the dough out into the bowl and mix it around to cool down the dough (remember water boils at 100°C and Eggs coagulate at 63°C... so you want this mixture to cool to about 62°C).
  5. Have the whisk attached, add the eggs one at a time, mixing well between each egg (remember not all the eggs are necessary to add-this is only a guideline and the tricky part of the recipe-you are looking for a thick-sticky pastry that will holds its shape).
  6. Place the mixture into a piping bag, fitted with a round nozzle. Pipe the mixture onto a sheet of grease proof paper into sizes you desire.
  7. Oven must be pre – heated to 200°C, bake for 15minutes. Reduce the temperature to 180°C at this stage remove the profiteroles/eclairs/gourgeres out of the oven. Quickly make a small incision at the base to release steam. Place them back into the oven for another 10 minutes to dry out.
  8. Remove from the oven and place onto a cooling rack.



  • 250ml Fresh Cream, whipped
  • 100gr Belgium Dark Chocolate melted


  1. When cooled, pipe in the whipped cream and dip the top of the profiterole in the chocolate.
  2. Garnish with fresh mint and cocoa powder.