Banana Smarties

Banana Smarties / Karen E Photography

Jackie Cameron
If you are having a problem sleeping then bananas should form part of your dessert option. Give me a whole banana any day but a mushy banana is a ‘no-go’ for me. I do, however, enjoy banana white-chocolate ganache. In the past I made tiny Smartie-sized bites which we covered in hand-tempered chocolate and served to accompany a dessert. For home consumption I suggest eating it by the spoonful.
— Jackie Cameron

Banana Smarties


  • 300gr White Belgium Chocolate, or the best quality money can afford
  • 75ml Cream
  • 30ml Banana Liqueur
  • 250gr White or Dark Chocolate for covering the smarties


  1. Over a double boiler melt the chocolate.
  2. In a small saucepan heat the cream and banana liqueur.
  3. Combine the chocolate, cream and banana liqueur.
  4. Line a small flat tray, pour in the melted chocolate mixture, place into the fridge to set overnight.
  5. Cut the set banana chocolate ganache into small little blocks, then roll these into ball shapes using your hands, place these back into the fridge to slightly firm up again.
  6. Melt the chocolate you wanting to use, using two forks dip the little smartie balls into the melted chocolate, covering all over, remove from the melted chocolate and place onto grease – proof paper. When the chocolate has set you can roll these in cocoa powder or icing sugar for extra flavour.

You are welcome to contact us if you are wanting to learn how to cover the smarties by properly hand-tempering  methods.