Marizen Smit's Delicious Treat

Jackie Cameron
I recently returned from visiting the Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine #20182019 students in the Joburg and the Cape areas. What a tremendously, inspiring time it was - seeing them all in their placements, doing so well and truly flourishing.
— Jackie Cameron

These are always surprise visits and it’s been brought to my attention that past students also expect my annual surprise visits. As the years go by and student numbers increase, I’ll have to start manufacturing time to get to see everyone. It’s heart-warming to know they still have a connection with the school. I have yet to visit the students based locally but I have it diarised.

Today I am introducing you to Marizen Smit. Born and raised in Pietermaritzburg, she attended Voortrekker High School, and was introduced to us quite by chance. My husband’s boss once delivered a parcel to the school; in the car he had a friend; and this friend had a daughter who was interested in being a chef. And so… this story is now history. It’s a testimony to the reputation of the school that most of the students have been attracted through word of mouth. This is a very promising tone and demonstrates that the students on the course want to be here - that they are striving to be the best they can be, and that they are spreading the word. To illustrate this Marizen, having been on the course for only a few months, put forward one of the juniors from her school, for next year’s enrolment. So, I already have my second Voortrekker High School student coming to join us.

Marizen is determined, strives for perfection in everything she does, and is somewhat hard on herself as she learns from each experience thrown her way. She has an outer hard core - but is a softy inside. It’s refreshing to witness the interaction she has with her parents. Every Friday one student takes a turn in providing a meal for us all. Papa’s potjie was the first ‘family dish’ that Marizen’s presented. Before leaving her at the school that morning (she has since passed her driver’s test) dad and daughter walked around our garden as he gave her his last pointers to ensure a success. This was Marizen’s first attempt at a potjie and my first experience of pasta in a potjie. It was most enjoyable.

I believe none of the students, including Marizen, have slept much this year. On their first day I let everyone know about the ‘T’ swear word, and how it is forbidden. Tired. Everyone on course works hard and if one person complains of being tired, he/she is undermining how hard everyone else is working.

Marizen is sharing her carrot cake recipe - a proven winner when guests go to their home. This is her go-to recipe when it’s time to impress. And that is does. It didn’t last long when tried and tested the school - a sure sign of success.


Please try it – and remember your comments are always appreciated.

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Food assistant and recipe developer: MARIZEN SMIT
All Photos taken by:
Karen E Photography