As the Sun Sets

Jackie Cameron
My heart was very warm when reading this. I’ve so enjoyed getting to know Yvette Ellison and her friends over the last year and a bit. What special times we have had and how much we have all learnt together. Thanking you, Yvette and your friends together with everyone who has supported me and my school over the last year and a bit. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for you all.
— Jackie Cameron

Dear Jackie,

As your Sundowner evenings draw to a close for 2016 I am sure you view them as mixed blessings. I can only say thank you for the experience over the past 7 months and perhaps put it in perspective for you from my point of view.

I have attended 12 Sundowners (mostly on my own and initially rather apprehensively), tasted approx 60 different types of wine, as many delectable food tastings, probably 40 new favourite wines gracing our wine rack and say 30 new food delights that my family have enjoyed. 

Everything in life needs a story and you have captured this beautifully with your choice of wine estates. I have loved the history and personal details and the opportunity to explore this further. The wine has been sublime. I cannot describe the thrill of intuitively knowing what will appeal to friends and family - and then ensuring that we did not drink it before seeing them! I have my firm favourites that are only shared with very special people.

You are a true inspiration and I know without a doubt that it entails hard work, true passion and dedication to do what you do. Whether you continue with these evenings or not, I know that another door will open with different experiences and opportunities and I look forward to them and wish you all the best as you enter the next season of challenges and opportunities.

Kind regards