Anna Trapido - Brunch Restaurant Review

Jackie Cameron
Anna Trapido, what an honour and a pleasure to welcome you to my school, thank you for your continuous support and encouragement. This truly does mean the world to me.
— Jackie Cameron

You were hugely instrumental in getting my name out there all those years ago and I feel so proud that you have been to experience Chef Kate’s (a student from my first batch of Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine students and now chef) BR.UNCH restaurant, here at my school.

I may give guidance and support but this is Chef Kate’s baby and hence I am thrilled, delighted and bursting with pride with your words.

Thank you Anna for taking time out of your crazy-busy schedule to visit us in KZN. We can not wait for your next visit.

Anna Trapido
Growing up I called it a chatterbox. My ten-year-old son says it’s a paku-paku. Either way I was charmed when the menu at the restaurant inside chef Jackie Cameron’s culinary school in Hilton came in the form of one of those pincer shaped origami fortune tellers. You know the ones I mean.
— Anna Trapido