WWF SASSI - Duo Of Trout Recipe

As a young chef, my passion is food. One day when I have a  family, I would love to share that passion with my children and I can't  imagine not being able to serve them a perfectly seared piece of  kingklip. It would be a tragedy if that texture and flavour were lost  forever.

Being from KwaZulu-Natal, my favourite WWF-SASSI green-listed species is South African farmed Rainbow Trout. Aside from being a  fantastic substitute for Norwegian Salmon, which unfortunately falls on  the orange list, choosing this species of seafood will also serve to  support the many local farms in KwaZulu-Natal who produce this species.  Fish on the green list are considered the most sustainable and  well-managed choice while there is reason for concern if a species is  included in the orange list.

There is a misconception about trout from the Midlands which centres around the misconceptions of what this species should taste like.  However, there are brilliant farms in the Midlands who are taking trout  to a whole new level and, on top of that, doing so in a much more  sustainable way.

Watch the video above where I share my her Duo Of Trout recipe.

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