Newton Johnson Wines

Newton Johnson Wines

Newton Johnson Vineyards is owned and managed by the Newton Johnson family. We are based near the seaside town of Hermanus in the ward of the Upper Hemel-en-Aarde Valley.

The appellation has already established itself as one of the premier viticultural sites in the Cape, traditionally specialising in Pinot noir and Chardonnay. Recently, it has further discovered an affinity for Syrah and Sauvignon blanc. In South African terms it is seen as one of the coolest vineyard sites, with the ability to create wines of finesse, minerality and complexity. Ranging in their proximity to the ocean from 4 km to 8 km, every vineyard in the Valley has the distinct feature of being able to see the sea.

The climate is temperate. Parallel mountain ranges channel the southerly maritime winds through the appellation in the summer. These winds in turn bring regular sea mists and overcast conditions to the valley and with it remarkably even temperatures. There estate has 18 Ha of vineyard planted and is 60 Ha in total. Our farming practices are sustainable and environmentally friendly, that inevitably leads to better wine in the bottle. Our vineyards are leafroll virus-free, having used natural agents such as ladybird and wasp insects over the years to keep our vineyards healthy. We also utilise high density plantings and some alternative vine training methods, striving for more balance in the growth of the vineyards and better flavour representation. Our winery is situated above the vineyards and built against the mountain slope in order to create four levels in which to facilitate grape processing via gravity. We accommodate 250 tons of grapes during the harvest, which is all produced, bottled and stored on the estate.

When visiting the winery one may also get to see the cellar in action during the harvest with glass wall and window views from different angles. Looking outside visitors are also treated to some of the most breath-taking sea- and landscape views in the Cape winelands from the tasting room and Heaven restaurant.


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R320 Hemel-en-Aarde Road
Upper Hemel-en-Aarde Valley
South Africa

P. O. Box 225
South Africa

Tel : +27 (0) 28 312 3862
Fax : +27 (0) 86 638 9673

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