Abingdon Wine Estate

Abingdon Wine Estate

Abingdon Wine Estate is a family run boutique cellar based in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands that offers unique pioneering wines from an previously untouched region. The varieties planted are Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Viognier, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The farm was purchased by Ian and Jane Smorthwaite in 2000 and the vines planted in 2004. With no experience in the wine industry, Ian is a completely self-taught viticulturist and winemaker, and the success of Abingdon wines lies in its foundation of trust, instinct and hard work. In 2007, Abingdon Wine Estate made history by producing the first certified Estate wine in KwaZulu–Natal, with the release of a further 35 certified wines to date. The estate produces wines from each variety as well as a Blanc de Noir and a maiden vintage of Traditional method Sparkling wine will be released in September 2014. 

Abingdon Wines reflect the unique terroir and climate in which they are grown. The high altitude and cooler climate gives the wines a distinct Old World style showing crisp natural acidity, delicate cool fruit flavours and moderate alcohol levels. With natural acidity on our side, the ageing potential of our wines is excellent.

Every bottle is an estate wine with 100% of the grapes grown on the farm. They are hand-picked and pressed in the traditional method of a wooden basket press. From there they are aged in stainless steel tanks and French oak barrels and are hand bottled and hand labelled. With only 2,5 Ha under vine and producing, on average, 12 000 bottles in total per year, Abingdon’s main focus is quality. With no export or retail market, every bottle is sold on a personal level from the estate with a story behind it. With each wine selling out every year, it is rare to find bottles from previous vintages.

The popular tasting room and restaurant is filled with valuable supporters every weekend.


Contact details :

District Road 369
Lions River
KZN Midlands
South Africa

P.O. Box 1045
South Africa

Tel : +27 (0) 33 2344335
Mobile : +27 (0) 83 463 8503

Email : jane@abingdonestate.co.za
Website : www.abingdonestate.co.za
Facebook : facebook.com/Abingdon-Wine-Estate