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Jessica's Spicy Thai Red Curry Soup Recipe

This dish bursts with flavour. It excites my tastes buds and reminds me of some of my favourite things - visiting my boyfriend on his family’s coriander farm; and sitting together as a family at a warm fire while sipping delicious soup and listening to the rain as it pours down outside.

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Nkululeko's Bean Soup & Cheese dumplings

The dish Nkululeko has chosen to share is one of his favourite home-cooked recipes,and the first meal he made for his fellow students in his first few days at the school. His bean soup and cheese dumplings promises to please.

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Mira Staszowska's Beetroot Borscht / Beetroot Soup

Mira and her team made this most delicious beetroot borsch, my palate was surprised at the simple deliciousness of this together with the complex dimensions within this little bowl. I’m not hugely fond of any sorts of ‘beetroot soups’ so I would never have ordered this but what a special tasting gift.

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