Home-made Butter

Home-made Butter / Karen E. Photography (p)

Makes about 250gr


  • 500ml Fresh Cream
  • 2.5ml Fine Salt


  1. Get the cream to room temperature.
  2. Place into the mixing bowl, fitted with the whisk attachment.
  3. Over whisk the cream, pass stiff peak stage, the cream will start to split and separate.
  4. Place into a sieve, to strain out the liquid. (This liquid is the same as Buttermilk and can be used to make scones and crumpets).
  5. Place the solids back into the machine and carry on whisking, trying to get even more liquid out, if you are wanting to make salted butter, add the salt at this stage.
  6. Strain again.
  7. Rinse this under water to remove any impurities.
  8. Make this into a solid firm ball, squeezing all liquid out, resulting in butter.
  9. Ready to use.