Foundational Artisan Bread-Baking Course

Graeme Taute
Bread knows exactly what it is doing. Just give it the conditions it needs – water, food, warmth and it will almost make itself
— Graeme Taute / The Wild Bread Co.

Foundational Artisan Bread-Baking Course
26 September 2015

Graeme Taute from The Wild Bread Co. will be running a Foundational Artisan Bread-Baking Course on Saturday 26 September 2015. With the Banting Diet so popular at the moment bread has taken some hammering in the social media. However, this has only helped spur Artisan Bakers on to more effectively speak out about the distinctions between commercial bread and hand-made artisan bread. More often than not the problem with bread is not wheat or gluten, but rather badly made bread. That our diets are overloaded with carbohydrates goes without saying, and Tim Noakes has gone a long way to helping people create a far better balance.

During the 6 hour course, participants will be guided through all the essential aspects of good, healthy bread-making, including an exploration of the types of flour and yeast, mixing and kneading techniques, processes of primary and secondary fermentation, shaping and baking. Each participant will make a traditional French Artisan Loaf and an Italian Ciabatta. The Italian Focaccia will be demonstrated, and form part of the lunch.

Date: Saturday 26 September 2015
Time: 10h00 - 16h00
Cost: R800.00 per person, includes course notes, baking ingredients and lunch
Venue: Edgewater, 36 Sutton Road, Hilton
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