Delicious Thailand!!

I don’t ever remember eating so much DELICIOUSNESS ever in my entire life.
— Jackie Cameron
Jackie Cameron in Thailand

Wow, what an experience to have a proper holiday with my sister, Sheldeen Cameron, and her fiancé, Roan Jordaan, in Thailand.

I couldn’t get over the prices in general in Thailand... I think my entire 'spending' budget came to one meal at THE FRENCH LAUNDRY in America (I went earlier in 2013). Such passion, love for the ingredients and a genuine desire to serve to the highest degree... so inspiring.

From the century egg (preserving an egg in mud - we were told - for months on end) to the fresh Jack Fruit, to eating bugs, street food, Oan’s Delicious THAI food: pad thai, krow pad kaphrao, pad siew, papaya salad (worth a trip to Thailand just for this), rice soup, noodle soup, tom kha kai and not to forget the most mind-blowing sticky rice mango.

My taste buds were in heaven and even though this was my first official holiday in eleven years with no foodie commitments... it became all about the food and meal times. Funny that.

If you haven’t visited Thailand I suggest a visit, you will not be disappointed!