Meinert Wines

Meinert Wines

The Meinert Wines story, alas, is not one of generations of wine farmers. Instead, it has its origin in the purchase of 11,5ha in Devon Valley, Stellenbosch in 1987 by then Vergelegen winemaker Martin Meinert, a scion of a Namibian printing and publishing family.

The property, known at the time only as Remainder of Farm 78, District of Stellenbosch, had been planted to Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinotage in 1975. Because most of the vines were debilitated by leaf-roll virus replanting began in 1989, a process finally completed in 2008. In 1997 an adjoining parcel of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot planted in 1989 was added to the property, which now covers a total of 16h. Conceived as a boutique red wine operation plans changed when Martin married Leigh Ann Barry, who drinks only white wine and preferably Sauvignon blanc.

The La Barry was added to the range in 2008, made from top quality purchased Elgin grapes. The Meinert Merlot is still the flag bearer, while Synchronicity is an expression of what each year on the property looks like as a blend of the four red grape varieties. A Pinotage, named Printer’s Ink in honour of the family heritage, and Cabernet Sauvignon complete the small focussed range. A dessert wine made from naturally dried Semillon grapes is due for release in 2013.

The total number of bottles produced annually is about 80 000.


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