Georg Lens - Student Testimonials

Well to start it was a crazy year, who knew one mind could fit so much information. Learning from how to cook on a Weber to learning how to use the other amazing quality equipment, the course contained it all.

Starting out barely knowing anything about cooking and the chefs way of life to living it and grasping the idea that there is an infinite amount of dishes out there is a huge step, this step though is what all students go through and it is one of the best and most difficult stepping stones that you will encounter in life.

You will grow as a chef, leader and as a human being learning how to interact with others during rough times. All of this was experienced (And I can confidently say) by all the students that have passed through the school with me. The course has a huge variety to offer, all you have to do is reach out and grasp everything that is available to you.

The course offers you many different walks of life with regards to food, like teaching about food styling, photography, nutrition, healthy diets etc. You will meet more people than ever before and everyone that you meet is supporting you in any way you need.

So if you are in love with food there is a career out there for you. In conclusion I would highly recommend going to Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine if you want to learn about food and the chef’s world.