Elaine Boshoff, My Rock!

How can I put into words the level of appreciation that I have for my Sous Chef, Elaine Boshoff, who has given herself to me for 5 years. We have often laughed and joked within the kitchen saying that our friendship/relationship is the closest thing to marriage that, we feel, we will ever experience.
— Jackie Cameron

Elaine Boshoff is not only a work colleague but a best friend, someone I can completely rely on, someone that I trust with every bone in my body. Nothing is ever an issue or problem for her. Her dedication, support and loyalty go beyond anything I have ever experienced and her competitiveness is striking. The degree of patience she has shown towards staff over the years is inspiring and honesty is her corner-stone.

From my very, very shy, and almost timid, pastry chef, oh how Elaine has blossomed into one of the most treasured people in my life. I value every day she is close by my side and I thank her for understanding me better than most.

Not to forget, Elaine is a brilliant chef who understands quality, precision, consistency, fairness, teamwork and multi-tasking. She has a business sense, handles criticism graciously and is super quick on her toes when making decisions.

Thank you, Elaine, for making the last 5 years so memorable... here's to your happiness!