Wow! When we asked Jackie Cameron’s School of Food and Wine students to come up with a Mexican styled recipe to dish up in our Mexican Cantina this month, we were blown away by the inventive style and vivid flavour combination of Michelle Engelbrecht’s fabulous recipe.

Just reading the recipe is mouth-wateringly good – try it out for yourself – and be prepared for Mexican waves from your dinner guests.

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You may think we chose Pisto because it sounds like it fits in perfectly with our Mexican Cantina theme (a Cantina is a bar which serves food and drinks). But actually, Pisto is the Spanish version of ratatouille (stewed vegetables) and this versatile one-pan dish can work for breakfast, lunch and even a light dinner.  The trick is to allow the vegetables to gentle stew in their own juices so that they mingle into a flavourful medley of tastes.

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Zandy's Oryx Desert Salt Pet Biltong Recipe

Making Biltong is an age-old South African tradition and the process of curing meat for preservation is probably as old as mankind. We love biltong, and so do our beloved dogs!

Salt is an important part of the meat curing process and we love Oryx Desert Salt because it doesn’t have any added iodine together with the fact that it is local. Please do keep in mind that while salt is a crucial part of Fido’s diet too much salt can be bad, so please give treats as an occasional treat & always make sure adequate water is available.

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Sarah's Yummy Doggie Biscuit Treats Recipe

Many people believe salt is not healthy for dogs. But like humans, a certain amount of salt is actually needed in a dog’s body. Salt is included in almost all manufactured pet food for this reason.
So why not treat your dog with a perfect homemade treat? This treat is not meant for wheat intolerant dogs, use wheat free substitutes if needed.

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Angelo’s Favourite Steak and Chili Cilantro Naan

It has been inspiring to witness this shy, young man blossom. I have often overheard comments such as: “Angelo is such a gentleman - we need more men like him”. Seriously fired up on this course, Angelo’s contribution is always 100 per cent. He is motivated and enthusiastic to tackle anything thrown his way. He volunteers to work at every function – wanting to make the most of every experience. I am excited to see where this industry takes him because I know, in the future, he will bring food and IT technology together in an interesting and creative way.

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Fish with Mushroom Risotto, Tartar Sauce & Vegetables Recipe

This Pan Grilled Green-listed Fish with Mushroom Risotto, Tartar Sauce & Vegetables recipe is close to Clifford Thwala's heart because its flavours and combinations are very distant from those he grew up with.

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Lemon Meringue Recipe

The new year welcomed the #20182019 students to Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine. Over the next few months, I plan to introduce you to our current students. Each of them will share their own family-favourite recipe with you and we’d all be grateful if you’d try the recipes and then email the school with your comments. Courtney Stuart chose to share her lemon meringue pie. It was so delicious that it was flattened before our eyes soon after Karen Edwards had taken the last photograph.

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Ramola's Patta Recipe

One of the countless highlights of the meal - which comprised many interesting and tasty delights - were little, individual bread boards. They required hours of hard work and today I’m sharing two of the items on that board. It’s an irresistible chilli bites and patta recipe that Ramola Makan, the proud ambassador of Elba, taught me many years ago.

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