Rio Largo Olive Estate

 Rio Largo Olvice Oil

RIO LARGO, situated in the Western Cape of South Africa, is owned by Nick and Brenda Wilkinson and comprises olive orchards, vines, an olive specific nursery and a state of the art OLIOMIO olive processing and bottling plant.

RIO LARGO adopts biological farming methods for sustainable agriculture by "putting more back than we take out" together with overall concern for protecting the environment for future generations.

RIO LARGO EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL is a blend of three cultivars (Frantoio, Leccino and Coratina) grown and pressed on the estate. Each cultivar is handpicked, pressed and stored separately in nitrogen sealed stainless steel tanks to maintain freshness.

Oils are then individually tasted before blending to achieve a mild, not too peppery, fruity and flavoursome oil; winning local and international awards since 2010

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Midlands Eggs...Country Goodness.

 Midlands Eggs

Midlands Eggs acts as a packing, marketing and distribution platform for smaller KZN farmers enabling them to access bigger retail markets and at the same time bringing a high quality, “country goodness” product to the consumer
— Midlands Eggs

Midlands Eggs is situated in the beautiful country setting of Merrivale in the KZN midlands. The company was founded in Oct 2011 by Derek Ross and Dave Teichmann and the pack house operation is run by Janine Wilson. All three have been involved in the egg industry for in excess of 25 years.

Midlands Eggs acts as a packing, marketing and distribution platform for smaller KZN farmers enabling them to access bigger retail markets and at the same time bringing a high quality, "country goodness" product to the consumer. The standards set are exceptionally high with producers having to comply with very strict food compliance standards as well as the Midlands Eggs policy of no antibiotics usage, no stimulants or hormones in the feed etc. Our commitment to high quality has earned us an A+ rating for our food safety compliance audits. There is a full traceability program in place to track eggs from farm of origin, through the grading, packing and distribution process to the shop and into your kitchen. Eggs and hens are also tested for salmonella, e-coli and coliforms.

One of our farms is a free range farm and one of very few where the hens are actually able to graze on pastures. By means of our traceability process, free range eggs are kept separate from commercial, and are clearly packaged as such.

Midlands Eggs has grown tremendously due to demand for our product. Our free range farm has grown from 2000 hens to nearly 20,000 hens and our commercial hens from 50,000 to nearly 120,000. This has resulted in a new modern grader being installed to cope with the increased volume of eggs. We are now covering from Estcourt to Port Shepstone and to Ballito and all the areas between.

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Sunfoil. NOW we're cooking!

 Sunfoil/Willowton Group
For over 40 years Sunfoil has been trusted by families to deliver reliable quality and great tasting food. Sunfoil provides a wide range of edible oils including 100% pure sunflower seed oil, palm olein and canola seed oil to suite various applications and requirements. Each variant is available in various pack sizes ranging from 375 ml to 20 litres and can be found in all major retail and wholesale outlets.
— Sunfoil


Sunfoil Platinum is a premium triple refined, 100% pure sunflower seed oil preferred by Chefs. It is fortified with approved antioxidant and anti-foaming agents for extended frying life, increased yields and reduced food costs. Platinum is the ideal solution for cooking, baking, frying and use in sauces. It is high in polyunsaturated fats and naturally cholesterol free.

Sunfoil Platinum is approved by the heart and stroke foundation South Africa and tested by the South African Frying Oil Institute (SAFOI) at the University of Free State to ensure product quality and authenticity. The innovative packaging features a tamper and leak proof lid with an anti-glug device, for easy use in any busy kitchen. Sunfoil brand consultants offer added value through technical training and support.


The Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa has awarded Willowton Group the manufacturers of Sunfoil, the Platinum Seal of Appreciation in the fight against cardiovascular disease. Willowton Group is the leading donor of the Heart and Stroke Foundation, founding the research fund to fight cardiovascular disease.


Willowton Group opened its doors 46 years ago and has grown to become South Africa's largest sunflower seed crusher as well as one of the leading competitors in the South African FMCG market. The group operates across South Africa with manufacturing facilities in Pietermaritzburg, Johannesburg and Cape Town. A wide range of well-known cooking oil and margarine products include brands such as Sunfoil, Sunshine D, D'lite, Crown, WoodenSpoon, Nuvolite and most recently, Allsome rice. The group operates manufacturing facilities in Pietermaritzburg, Johannesburg and Cape Town.


Willowton Group
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Millac Gold UHT Cream

 Millac Gold UHT Cream

Millac Gold UHT cream is a semi-dairy cream manufactured in the Emerald Isle of Ireland

Millac Gold is ideal for cooking, whipping or pouring, and is extremely versatile, and significantly more stable than dairy cream when whipped.

With over 100 years’s experience and tradition in dairy, Lakeland Dairies has grown to be a market leader in the production of dairy based products for Chefs around the World

Lakeland creams provide dairy solutions to all sectors of the Hospitality, Restaurant, Catering Companies, and Airlines.  Millac Gold has been used in numerous Hospitality Chef Schools throughout the Country, and has proven to be a leading contender in the current “cream market”.

 Millac Gold Cream

Del Distribution & Trade (Pty) Ltd
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Blue Orange Farm

 Blueorange Farm

The Blue Orange Farm is a small, family run farm situated in Balgowan in the heart of the KZN Midlands. We have been producing Delicious Open Range Pekin Duck, and Pasture raised chicken for the past three years, where we pride ourselves on the fact that our birds are raised with their overall welfare as our main priority.

Our ducks are raised on our natural dams on the farm and our Chickens are raised on pasture in an open range environment using the “slow grown” methodology (i.e.. there are no artificial lights stimulating the chickens to eat 20 hours out of every 24)  to ensure that they have a stress-free life where they are able to forage for food, stretch their wings and plume their feathers. Our chickens are therefore only ready after 56 days, instead of 36 days which is the industry standard.

This method of raising our poultry results in a stress free healthy bird that leads to a better overall taste experience.

Kevan and Vanessa
Tel: 0769085468 / 0827231998
Fax: 033-3305845

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Chrissie's Country Cheeses

 Chrissies Country Cheese's

I always wanted to make cheese, from my earliest memories as a child in Kenya. I was educated in East Africa and in England & I travelled much during my youth, savouring the traditional foods of many countries in Europe and Scandinavia and cheese, used as a form of storing excess milk, from the earliest days of its history, mention being made in the the Book of Job in the Bible, everywhere I went, was uniquely focal to the cuisine of each place I visited.
— Chrissie Briscoe

I arrived in South Africa, in 1977 and was, frankly appalled that Sweetmilk cheese was South Africa's only standard, although a rare white moulded cheese called Rosetta, was manufactured not 20 kms from here - BUT what tragedy, when due to implementing overhygienic practices, the mould died and has never been found again!  After our youngest child was cured of terminal cancer, I needed a hobby to focus upon and my husband suggested that as restrictions had been lifted, I try my hand at cheese and for 25 years, every single day, cheese has been made by myself. It is a hugely satisfying hobby-business, but it requires relentless hard work on a continuous basis and it is not for the faint hearted. I make exotic boutique cheeses in the cheddar tradition.

I have won many prizes for these in this country and the UK at the World Cheese Awards, where I acquired 2 silver medals in 03 and 04 and once I was requested to send one of my 'mini Stilton types', to Buckingham Palace, as a gift for HM the Queen, because Prince Phillip when he visited RSA, tasted my cheese and hence a request was made that some was sent for his wife to savour! However, as a leveller, I have had many disasters, incurring enormous loss and expense, and I can honestly say, that unless one is passionate about making cheese and watching each individual head maturing, as one does a child, at the same time, expecting the inevitable knocks and errors, there are few more interesting pastimes/hobbies or challenges.

Mine is a Microbusiness and I have never felt inclined to expand. I sell at a local Farmers Market each Saturday and interact with very interesting people from across the globe. My main market is in Cape Town where I introduced a very well known cheesemonger to selling cheese in the first place and unique and beautiful outfits such as Hartford House, take my product on a continuous basis.

Here's an article featuring Chrissie from Country Life.


Contact details :

Galtee More
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Tel: 031 781 1791
Cell: 082 558 6049

Dargle Ducks

 Dargle Ducks

Dargle Ducks - “We are the Dux”, has been producing top quality duck since 2009. Our ducks are “Open Range” - free to roam day and night.

Our ducks eat all manner of vegetables, grown in their areas, including wheat, rye grass, cabbages, spinach, cauliflower, brocolli, beans, mielies, sunflowers, kikuyu, and other natural grasses. We also provide them with nunu's to eat, including many insects attracted with nightlights, earthworms, crickets, tadpoles, flying ants. They love water so they get to play under sprinklers, and when older we give them access to ponds... We are part of the Slow Food Organisation, which affords the ducks as long a life as possible, without affecting their quality. We won the 2012 Eat In magazine DSTV awards, in the category Best Small Producer.


Contact details :

No 17 Shayile Farm

Tel : +27 (0) 33 234 4227
Cell : +27 (0) 82 422 0806

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Dargle Valley Pork

 Dargle Valley Pork

My business entails the processing of top quality pork products. I have a small factory on the farm where we process the baconers. We only use traditional methods, for example, dry curing and oak smoking, and all our products are handmade. I then market these products directly to housewives, lodges, hotels, Bed and Breakfast establishments and a few select supermarkets. We do monthly deliveries to Johannesburg, Durban, Kloof, Westville, Pietermaritzburg, Nottingham Road, Mooi River and surrounding areas.

We have over 35 products on our product list including Pork Texan steak, kebabs, schnitzel, and plain and marinated stir-fry. I could not find any decent marinades as they all just tasted so synthetic, so I decided to create my own marinade for my products, which is preservative free. Our ribs are famous, and to make the loin roasts more interesting I created two of my own stuffing’s, one being bacon and prune and the other fig and couscous.

Our pork is artificial hormone free, and we only use female pigs, thereby eliminating any chance of boar taint. I have the most wonderful dedicated team of staff which are all women. As with all business's the firt two years were very testing but through sheer perserverance and dedication we now have a very successful business on the farm which has created employment for local ladies.

I could write a book about my story but this is just a very rough summary…just to wet your appetite.



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The Chestnuts Farm
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Handcrafted from pigs fed on milk, cereals and acorns in season, with the addition of bush pig when available.

With no growth hormones nor antibiotics, Brett Moller’s and Franco Esposito’s specialties are made according to Apennine traditions that are time tested.

Herbs, spices, wine, the intrinsic flavor of good pork and bush pig is what impart taste to our cured meats. No flavourants (MSG) nor colourants or “meat stretchers” find their way into our products.

We will soon be adding a range of tasty vegetables in olive oil to our range.


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